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Ask Questions With Us

If you have any questions please contact us we will answer your questions via email as
quickly as possible.

    Price Related Questions

    1. How is the cost for garden work calculated?

    Ours is an hourly based service. You pay only for the amount of time the gardeners spent at your property.

    2. What if the gardeners finish the job earlier than expected?

    The cost will be reduced to match the time they spent on site.

    3. If you need more time than expected, can you stay and just finish the job?

    Extending the time needed for completing the job is usually possible, but it depends on the schedule of the gardeners. In case the team isn’t available, a follow-up visit will be arranged.

    4. What are your payment options?

    We accept credit, debit cards and cash.

    Additional Services

    1. Do you offer planting services?

    Yes, we can plant flowers, but in order to fully meet your expectations, it’s best if you supply the exact plants and planting materials. That or give us a two-day notice with a full list of the plants, exact colours, numbers, etc. You can always arrange an on-site visit from one of our landscaping surveyors as well.

    2. Can I book your gardening maintenance services on a regular basis?

    Yes, you can. We are flexible and can arrange visits weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.

    3. Can the gardeners do something else for me, like attaching a fence panel or paint the garden door?

    If provided with the right materials and equipment for the job, painting a small area is an option. For any repairs, we recommend using the services of a handyman or landscaping professional. You can always check with the gardeners, while on-site, what they can or cannot do.

    Green Waste Disposal

    1. Is garden/green waste disposal included in the price?

    Our gardening services include free disposal of 180 litres of green waste. In case the waste is more, the technicians will remove it for an additional fee.

    2. How much do you charge for additional waste disposal?

    We charge 3 GBP per 90l bag of waste and a total of 45 GBP for disposing of a ton of green waste. This is recommended for extra-large gardens only and will save you a lot on waste disposal.

    3. Do I have any options if I don't want you to take the waste?

    Yes – the technicians can put the green waste into your compost corner or load it into your green bin. Another option is for us to bag the green waste for the council to dispose of. We charge extra, only if 10 or more bags are being used. The price is 5 GBP per every 10 bags.

    Other Service Related Info

    1. How can you know how long it will take? (Without you seeing the garden, first)

    Our operators will give you a rough estimate over the phone. The given estimate is based on the condition and size of your garden. The best way to know for sure is to send us photos of your garden, in advance. That way the gardeners will come fully prepared and finish on time.

    2. Do I need two gardeners, can't I have just one?

    Yes, we work on Sundays and Bank holidays as well. Be advised though, if you want to book tree surgery it has to be on a working day. Because the noise from the trimmers might disturb your neighbours during Sundays.

    3. Do you work on Sundays/Bank holidays?

    There a few ways! You can either call us or use our chat function and “request a quote” form.

    4. How can I schedule a service with you?

    There a few ways! You can either call us or use our chat function and “request a quote” form.


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